Enter the Infinite Rabbit Hole

“It did not account for the dumbass universe of boomer-facebook, the total propaganda delirio-simulation which has captured the American right wing and fed them, willing and maskless, to the hounds of plague. Our world sucks–absolutely. But it has the cadence of a tale told by an idiot, filled and brimming with parody, irony, and lunacy. Looping comedia of feedback: the engineered despotic propaganda-hyperreality of right-wing America has immunized its subjects to nearly all forms of reality, and they now willingly toss themselves into the fire–leaping at any chance to throw mask-free-zone protestant orgies and put as many bodies in the ground as possible… What the flying fuck is this? All the comedians of the past century, shot full with the finest amphetamines and locked in a room for a thousand years, would never come together to imagine a narrato-cultural landscape so absolutely ridiculous. An entire world cacophony–and by ‘cacophony’ I do indeed mean ‘shit song.’…”

“We must chase resolution: a metaphysics grasping at machines, assemblages, semiosis, media, life, rhythm, harmony, melody, space, system, media, concept, affect, percept, precept—these have to be properly arranged into a single ontologic register which puts forth a map of their relationality, overlap, particularities and similarities. In time this will arise, a critical-applied-experimentalist paradigm for the metaphysician which integrates the schizoanalytic, cybernetic, semiotic, spatial/rhythmanalytic, and media theories and their variations and deviations with the very best of Marxism and Poststructuralism, into a most excellent discipline, an ‘onto-alchemical metaprogrammer-operator’ or ‘pataphysical engineer.’ As alchemy served in the renaissance, as engineering served in the industrial age, and as cybernetics served in modernity, this arte-sciento-philosophicum will become the superscience of the new emergent age and the sculpture of a new paradigmatic landscape in theory, technics, and praxis.”

Liber Hyper acc

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