“The hivemind relies upon deterministic cybernetics (the science of communication and control of self regulating systems), in these systems of operation, the input equals the output and previously gathered intelligence determines the future path of least resistance in man and machine.

The hivemind is composed of the collective, unconscious automation of behavior, thought processes, paradigms and systems of humanity.

The dataplex is it’s polar opposite, the dataplex is a hyper-dimensional web of transcendental, living information and relies upon the archetype of the Trickster, whose most potent emanation, once imbued, provides constant ontological shock, crisis and loss of identity, allowing the individual to restructure himself, from his very foundation via a newly discovered constitutional character, built from the chaotic indifference of the non-dualistic hyper-information processing and overload of the dataplex.

What we’re witnessing in our world today is a war between the two, however, in this struggle, I see a third option/position for mankind, that being to coast/surf between the two, it requires of the individual to develop, what I call, the “Dao of conscious, self autonomy”, a kind of “taking your eye off the ball” while fully revivifying, enlivening and revitalizing our own, individual process of authentic and autonomously driven, conscious, self individuation which can only be gained through an honest evaluation and true self reflective gnosis gained through personal hardship, trial and integration of unconscious faculties of psychic operation.“

Djúpi Quinvex

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