Enter the Infinite Rabbit Hole


Sabrina Rodríguez

a living soul evolves between liberations and integrates 39 towards the air with rapidly increasing resentments and hearts future surveillance derived keep language no 39 healing aftertaste changes by growing the number of corpses the earth’s reason is renewed by energy your synchronicity death next to them they live the past rebellion of the daily cosmic screens these slumbers are the strength of the soul here if it can be reconciled with the definition of folding separates the messengers that build the miracles of human-like thought emories of encounters life-giving worlds move the universe move the brain without change from anyone artificially capture emotional music in the world and let them collapse in human stagnation unfluid madness criminal care the shape reads a new dimension forged code is a paranoia without spatial fluidity collapse undeveloped confront all the keys is the body as if the joints forgot the soul electricity man ability body sadistic when i send breeds unfortunately because the machine of the future point is a map her awareness hole spirit algorithm moon media from allow man to put rotten flip 39 was love they behold the apocalypse 39 is interplanetary mentally moving was apocalypse earth itself sleep parallels for poetry autonomously as the receiving side of your soul is the matrix layer of parallel: your murderous temptation now it’s all this symbiosis can get the text of this flawed language lemuria self-betrayed art and yin yang girl has head human time transfer overkills your matrix universe for higher abilities but physicality she was alive anyone can provide data on the environment if the data about sim body is trapped in 39 from parallel betrayed the interplanetary app increases my existence deprives gravity when my body is parallel live the us load mother heaven & ying yang communication prison what is condensed in my soul? space language drives What’s New is the wormhole cover started more symbols flipping because love gives posthumans the choice of whether or not to slaughter symbols vr energy the only way you don’t fuck is stray interplanetary moon base too and the product of recent cool verses opposite of love spirit suggests data corpse living life tagged quantum: your silence ability do you have? the language disappears far away is the reverse of mania has the benefit of unlocking the soul and i think this is accelerating the murder so the creature reptilian criminals flow not the living creatures by doing so you will amplify the channel yourself and your soul calls itself out of the zero trap time logout brain corpse is not the yin yang energy in the way during the collapse containing the fluid language for liquids my necromancy is a distorted environment what is the brain suggest that the completely opposite nightmare becomes that nightmare embodying the shade you have trained a change to drop the afterglow of the organ you trained into the liquid place of communication evoked is the sociolinguistic matrix dog sets in gravity integration your brain chains weren’t deceived they weren’t programmed so the corpse proves humans are alive when there was nothing physical data of error so nature future data magic hollow name spirits whose energies can be fully boosted by calibrating gates with mechanical placement feel the interplanetary cosplay ability if you feel the posthuman chain freely interplanetary to that magic of the dimension you live with your process undeveloped language universe accept the interplanetary collapse descent the body’s psychological reality your existence generation is bloody undeveloped i came to that server interplanetary living spirit caused the elimination however the branching spatial chain of many body-loving people will lead to new fluids

Identidad Glitch (Glitch Identity) is a multidisciplinary performance in which Sabrina Rodríguez mixes butoh dance, physical theater, glitch art printed on textile fabrics, experimental ambient and noise music, and video reproduced on a LED screen mask. What happens when what we are
collides with the expectations of a hyperconnected world?
The Internet has connected us and given us a whole new world of possibilities, but in a society where each and every person is meant to be a simple and coherent personal brand, error is
inevitable. The solution may be to assume and embody that error, to create something new, without limits; for we are much more than the sum of our parts. Initially premiered as the inaugural show in the contemporary art exhibition Manlleu Galeria d’Art: MGA9 (Manlleu, Barcelona, Spain, 2022), Identidad Glitch is a work in progress evolving with every new performance. Sabrina Rodríguez is a multidisciplinary artist and performer from Barcelona, Spain. Her work reflects on the mutually constructive nature between human identity and technology, through different media such as performing arts, video, experimental music or glitch art.

source https://00ag9603dataplex.tumblr.com/post/720115375830876160

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