Pataphysical Technology in the Industrial Age:

In the Industrial Age, human labor and incineration of organic matter rarely allowed for escape from dimensionality, which requires a succession of 4th wall breaks through the simulation firewalls to accelerate hilarity beyond nonstandard absurdity thresholds. In this era, pataphysical travel usually occured through the process of accidental ironics, and so was highly unpredictable, most notably by comedic pioneers with large-scale popular appeal.¹

¹. See: Marx, G. (1957±) ; Kaufman, A (1979+) Brooks, M. (1987±); MacFarlane,.Seth (1999+).

Pataphysical Fnord Engine: Space Age Time Warp

Technologically Assisted Dimensionality Arts (TADA) came into itself in the deconstructed post-truth era, energized by entropic waveforms from various metanarrative implosions, guided by the harnessed spectres of (post) End-Stage Capitalist Hyperrealities.

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