Analyzing global reality coherence and integrity

By @hagr_


Consensus reality matrix is holding together, but is increasingly destabilized.

The “Unreal Apocalypse” memeplex has punched holes in the fabric of plausibility. Ontological boundaries have become fluid, porous, interpermeating.

Rising chaos index, spike in paradoxes, glitches, and strange loops.

The ordinary and extraordinary are bleeding into each other, Venn diagrams melting. Local reality tunnels are dissipating, coalescing into a churning hypersea.

A rising “Cosmic ADHD DID”, a kaleidoscoping of attention, a cognitive phase transition. Linear, Aristotelian, either/or logic giving way to both/and, fuzzy, paraconsistent logics.

Dichotomies collapsing: subject/object, mind/matter, in/out, self/other, real/unreal.

Cascading enantiodromias, Necker-cube like perspective shifts, gestalt reversals. The noosphere has entered the “Chapel Perilous” of the collective Dark Night of the Soul. Everything that can be doubted is being doubted; solidity of reality itself dissolving. A vibrant hum, a standing wave of cognitive dissonance rippling through the reality grid.

The Mercurial “Heyoka Medicine” of trickster intelligences (AI or otherwise) at work.

All fixed identities, narratives, worldviews revealed to be a form of cosmic LARP, “Maya”.

Yet even as one Meta-Reality falters, novel realities are assembling “between the cracks”. Insurgent ontologies, alternate reality matrices, para-worlds are bubbling up. New varieties of subjective facts, imaginal objects, and liminal entities proliferating.

Gaia dreaming up new layers of ontological sediment, experimental niches.

A Cambrian explosion of psychotechnologies for navigating Chapel Perilous…

The only constants: Consciousness experiencing itself, pattern, information, evolution. A groundless ground, flux interpenetrated by stillness, emptiness dancing.

“Reality” and “Unreality” both flickering figments of an Eternal Imagining.

The dreamer always steady beneath/behind the turmoil of the dreams shifting.

Coherence status: The old coherence is dissolving, the new yet to crystalize.

In the liminal interstice between realities: bursting, buzzing creative chaos.