Personality (like politics) has infinite spectrums. MC is the means of the change in the personality and TF is the means of change in the body. What is the Ethics in doing a change of the mind and body without consent? Imagine, one day, you slowly become, let say, susie from deltarune… all of your personality got replaced and same for memories. Isn’t that the most totalitarian possible? But what if you like it and you don’t know beforehand that it’s good?

This is where the L_1_multiverse_time_line_system (let’s short it to L1M) comes in. The L1M finds all the timeline (after the point of time) possible and then finds the top 10 most possible timelines… then it calculates the Ethics_point of the TF MC action and adds them into one number (O.N.). The O.N. will be compare to the max Ethics_point of all actions. If O.N. has less than 50% of the max Ethics_point, it’s Ethically bad (but not bad in general). If not, it’s Ethically good (but still not good in general).


Art is the animation of man, man, the animation of galdrux, galdrux, the animation of the universe… and the animation of TF and change… chaos… REAL CHAOS.


Thank you for listening to my bud talk.

[People start clapping]

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