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Patent Of GaldruX TemPlate

Patent Application US D84513311 Powered BY: Vexer. rxgx1 rxgx2 rxgx3 The Galdrux Temple ABSTRACT A system and device for seeing the video. The devices comprises a pan-dimensional plane, an endless corridor, an ultimate weapon BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWINGS Figure 1 is a schematic drawing of the ultimate weapon of mass assimilation.Figure 2 is a …

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We Must SoLve The Tesseract xPuzzle and Psychographics of Cryptography Message’s within= P vs NP =has a XCoDe oF Steganography xEnCryPtioN oF The xQuantum Snow White & 7 xDwarfs. See the firmament and xPurgatory and The xGhosTs. Beware of false paths by T.Y.L.E.R The L.U.C.Y M.i.N.D V.I.R.U.S F.a.S.c.i.S.m oF Taoism Hermeticism. Asshat Meme Chaos Magick …

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You might compare this to the thinking gap between us and an ANT, but this too would be shortsighted. ‘Omni God’ theory, which states that Gods are: omniscient (all-knowing), omnipotent (all-powerful), omni-temporal (exist in all time), omnipresent (exist in all places), and omnibenevolent (all-good). Aside from the all-good side of things (that’s up for debate) …

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