“I’m with the banned” [Amazon, Dissent Pins] enamel pin

Hermetic Library Omnium Dissentpins Im With the Banned

“· STAND UP FOR BANNED BOOKS! Banning books hurts writers, readers, and communities, and our enamel pin is the perfect way to show your support for freedom of speech and ending dangerous censorship in classrooms and libraries.

· PERSONALIZE YOUR CLOTHING – Our pins are thoughtfully designed to bring a touch of flair to any occasion, carefully crafted to complement various fabrics, and created with a keen eye to effortlessly enhance your personal style. Wear this pin on your bag, lapel, or jacket to show your support for banned books.

· DOUBLE PIN ATTACHMENT – This enamel lapel pin is 2″ tall x 1.6″ wide. It includes double clasps to hold the pin in place. It is made of hard enamel for lightweight durability.

· ARTIST DESIGNED: This enamel pin was specially designed by Lily Williams, who designs many of our book pins.

· FUND THE FUTURE – We donate 50% of the profits from this product to bincfoundation.org, the only 501(c)(3) in the country dedicated to supporting the people who own and work at book and comic bookstores.”

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