Mary Shelly’s School for Monsters: La Llorona in the Machine by Jessica Maison and Anna Wieszczyk

Maison Wieseczyk Mary Shellys School for Monsters La Llorona in the Machine

“A 2023 Foreword INDIES Book of the Year and IBPA Benjamin Frankl Award finalist. The beautiful hardcover graphic novel includes the letter of admission to the school.

Writer Jessica Maison (Plastic Girl, Pistil, Cthulhu is Hard to Spell and Nightmare Theater anthologies) and artist Anna Wieszczyk (Godkiller, Home, Interesting Drug & Lucid, Popgun vol.4 and Spera anthologies) have teamed up to bring you an alternate Mary Shelley story that will leave you spellbound. Ringo Award nominated designer, Joel Rodriguez (The Dusk Country Chronicles, Stake) completes the team.

A supernatural MARY SHELLEY, Shel, and her misfit monsters crew use dark magic, friendship, and snark to rescue creatures in crisis like La Llorona.

In 1812, a teenage MARY GODWIN (SHELLEY) becomes trapped in a mausoleum with occult scientist DR. M. He tries to reanimate a sewn together corpse with a combination of electricity and the book of the dead, NECRO. Mary attempts to save the living book from the madmen but ends up splitting herself into two beings—one who continues on to write Frankenstein, and the other who becomes SHEL, an immortal and powerful monster bound to Necro, who saves monsters from the evil humans who wish them harm.

Two centuries later, Shel has started a school for misunderstood monsters near Lake Geneva. Will, their local wisp, arrives by Aether from Arizona with news of a monster that needs rescuing. The infamous bogeywoman from Mexican American folklore, LA LLORONA (LOLO), has been kidnapped by Camp Scare CEO, Edith Sharp. Sharp trapped La Llorona in a video game, and now, children who play it are going missing. The team needs to rescue La Llorona before townspeople enter the forest to punish any monster that they can find to avenge their children.”

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