Microfiche Principia Discordia

I searched eBay for microfiche, on a whim, and found one seller with a set of them that came with a handheld “reader” magnifying device. I noticed one title, not mentioned in the listing’s description- the Principia Discordia! Naturally, I bought it. The rest of the miniature library consists of books like the Anarchist Cookbook, how-to guides on manufacturing psychedelics, lock picking, and so forth. Sort of like the old Loompanics catalog if anyone else remembers that. Apparently this set was made by some libertarian/anarchist type group – my set doesn’t have all the weapon related titles that originally were part of it, but as I’m a pacifist that’s fine by me. This find was perhaps even better than the Subliminal Discordian CD I posted here not long ago.

I don’t suppose anyone knows how to make reproductions of a microfiche? Tiny copies of the Principia Discordia would be fun to distribute!

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