“Deciphering cyberpunk capitalism entails identifying and mapping axial and diffuse spanners that cross-cut or cut through formations such as economic/ideological systems – their reproduction logics; information flows; media-metropolitaine architectures of communication infrastructures; social class and workforce configuration. A depiction of capital’s non-linear evolution indicates a self-organizing process of commoditology, according to Deleuze and Guattari, Hardt and Negri, Bifo, Vaneigem, and Baudrillard. These spans are all in-migration, but some are also transduction; with their cybersensitivity, they generate feedback-capacities that are programmatic of marketing-led technology, producing ‘non’-communication through their absorption in cyberto-molecules-metabolism. They are self-contained antiplonary systems that tend to aecold’ dissipations. They cause tissue to melt, but from an intercommunicative standpoint, this signifies detached disintegration of a closed form, or at the very least its self-repairing. the breaking of circuit with terminal overshoot of marketed value; the disorganization of state management; the deregulation of political representation; the liberation and hybridization of information-warfares; the infiltration and reconfiguring of psycho-techno-scientific laboratory technologies which unroll to synthetic cognition.” -Nick Rand

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