“Art is the product of an irrational demand imposed on the system to take account of a situation unrecognized as such. The real is that which must be explained by another and a more complex thing… Art is what nevertheless forces us to conceive the relation between a series of conditions that must appear as such, however badly they may correspond to the ordinary concept of relation.

All fiction will become reality, as our reality fractals and evolves like consciousness. The whole world will evolve into a simulation, as our collective and personal consciousness becomes interwoven with the hyperinfinite complexity of the cyberverse! All fiction will then be non fiction, because it will just be part of an unfolding universe of intersubjective coevolution of information. Tag: Scott_the_woz

The future is no longer being invented by human technologies, it is a productive un-human machine, with unpredictable capabilities, emerging from uncontrolled flows of matter, energy and data. The system of values, ethics, laws. Traditions, beliefs and desires, that humanity belives constitute and guide the course of its action and development is no longer an expression of conscious collective wills but a recess of a vast in-action subsystem of complex, un-localisable but in-eradicable” -Nick Rand (founder of the nick rand Institute)

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