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theory-as-praxis #TheGame23 #00AG9603

#OTP23 is an advanced form of Operation Mindfuck, a term used in Discordianism and chaos magic to describe the use of surrealism and absurdism for subversive and transformative purposes. #OTP23 is a specific offshoot of Operation Mindfuck, said to have been designed by memetic engineers working for the Astral Order of Eternal Chaos (AOEC), a …

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coming soon to your universe (of which you are the center)

Greetings, fellow Discordians! I have recently come across a prophecy that I simply cannot ignore. It is a prophecy that has been attributed to none other than the great Nostradamus himself, and it foretells the coming of the Aeon of Eris. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Ethan, Nostradamus was a fraud! His predictions were …

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Karl Koch / Carl Cock (not to be confused with Carl Crack)

Karl Koch was a German computer hacker and a fan of the Illuminatus trilogy, a satirical novel by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea. He was also one of the earliest supporters of the Chaos Computer Club, a group of hackers and computer enthusiasts based in Germany. Koch’s work in hacking and computer security drew …

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Operation Mindfuck

::: Does society seem boring, dull, unimaginative and perhaps even nightmarishly conformist? Do you ever feel as though the universe is one big, sick joke? Is everyone around you a Cabbage? Can you see the Fnords? YOU ARE NOT ALONE unless you are ::: Greetings fellow mutants, weirdos, rebels, vagabonds, quantum schizophrenics, activists, inactivists, slackers, …

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St. Gulag *23*

fucking stop using that number so much ethan A Systematic Literature Review of Blockchain Technology for Smart Villages Hail the letter Q! Down with the letter Y! 9.1.1 v2 ASTRAL_ORDER_OF_ETERNAL_CHAOS  St. Gulik is a very good friend of mine.   servitorname:ETHANMCGOWENDOTCOM objective:HACKTHEPLANET   THE PRICE OF LOVE IS SELF-SACRIFICE? NO, IT CAN’T BE. Powered by WPeMatico