The Cerulean Sequence. a numerology oracle deck.” Crowdfunding effort with 4 days to go …

Hermetic Library Omnium Eads the Cerulean Sequence


this oracle was born from my quest to find the beginning again. I wanted to remind myself of what it felt like when i was just a kid. When i first started making art.

So i did what i knew. I drew. In blue. A lot. I wanted to make something for myself without an outcome in mind.

(Limitations are not real outside of ur mind.)

when we free ourselves of expectations, we become limitless

(What limitation? Grow your mind!)

I filled 6 sketchbooks with blue colored pencil drawings. I then spent 5 months collaging these drawings into the cerulean sequence.

During this time i was getting really into numerology. I started paying more attention to numbers and read books on the meaning of numbers. Numbers helped me figure out what this oracle wanted to be. There are 60 cards. Each number (0-9) is represented by 6 different cards, 6 different times.

I wanted these drawings to feel of another
world, like the blueprint to another dimension far from here.

I created a language and scattered it across the sequence. As you spend more time with the deck you will learn to decode this language and find the truth behind the oracle.

Most of all, this oracle is about life and appreciating the little things. Like seeds. Like the color blue.
Whether it’s your 1st or your 9th time, thank you for being here.”

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