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WARNING: The mind you f#+k is usually your own  


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So, when I started this site up, I thought I would share a bunch of stuff that was liminal (things besides just pictures of liminal spaces). Turns out, whenever I start thinking about sharing something, it ceases to seem so liminal.

The act of exposing a thing to shared experience puts it in a perspective that is comforting, removing the uncanny unease one feels when, for example, comforting an empty auditorium alone and in near darkness, guided only by the red glow from the Exit sign above the door you entered through…

So, I guess I am running with the hypothesis that Liminality is itself liminal. It’s a quality somewhere between nonsense and sense, order and chaos, a vaguery that’s Impossible to fully describe – like a Lovecraftian entity that a defies the mind’s ability to comprehend, despite a very real danger.  

Welcome to #LiminalSec Picsart_22-05-16_07-52-20-0552112191379533107456 “Dreams in the Witch House” collage by me As members of LiminalSec, we should all strive to embody the quality of keeping our (non)Selves free from the constraints of definition, ever mercurial and enigmatic (without trying to do this, of course).

It also seems important that we spread the Liminality to others, pointing out how any given thing is also not that thing, whenever possible. This amounts to being a staunch devil’s advocate and skeptic about all things, and you should expect to find yourself tiptoing on the fine line between seeming wisdom, and being disturbingly annoying and impossible to be around.

But now that seems like a definitive state of being. Doesn’t it? So don’t do that. But do. Don’t think of your (non)Self as an individual Mandelbrot Set contradicting your own assessments of identity all the way to infinity.

Welcome to #LiminalSec Picsart_22-05-16_04-24-39-3824913198289155315624

This is what it means to truly MindFuck your (no)Self.


Welcome to #LiminalSec