::: To play the meta-game there are some options: 1 – You can choose a sub-game or a sub-sub-game that already exists. 2 – You can create a sub-game or a sub-sub-game. 3 – If you really have some deep ideias, you can create a whole meta-game. You can use something from the Meta-Guidelines and/or invent your own version of the meta-meta-game that can or cannot be assimilated by the other players. “Level of engagement will vary based on the version and frequency. Responses are triggered, or not, based on a multitude of factors – with necessity weighted heavily against ability of receiver to communicate via subquantum, or non language based channels.” – #Tyler You can present your game(s), sub-game(s) or sub-sub-game(s) on #thegame23 Forum, on Reddit and/or on the Facebook Group. History Before this crazy meta-game there was the original version of the game created by the Anonymous collective. The second version of the game was created by adacic3301 and involves various args and internet mythologies. The third was created by a very disturbed guy called Quinn Michaels and unfortunately it is the most popular version. It was spread on the fringe conspiracy culture on the web, and even appeared on a QAnon map. The fourth is the mod 42.5. Variations or sub-games: TechnoMeritocrazy – Hack the Planet – Variation of the original version. Galdrux, Cicada Cosmic Warriors, KSTXI, 00AG9603 and OpMiMiC – Variations of the mod 42.5. Reality Ranglers – Variation of the third version of the game. ::: #TheGame23: The Metagame: Creative Discord: The Word Game – by Eris_Omniquery #TheGame23 – The Game of Games #TheGame23 — Countercultural ´Pataphysics Creating meta-narratives as a hypersigil within a larger ARG scenario, for personal and societal transformation – by ARGO – Alternate Reality Game Organization #TheGame23 Mod 42.5 – Hack the reality and recreate it! :::

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