Both points beneath the square,

Darkness, doubts, dungeons of despair,

Yet trusting in God who answers prayer,

Follow your guide — nor fear nor care,

Light will come with effulgent glare.


One point above the square,

As yet but partially there

Is light; for more light prepare,

As you ascend the winding stair.


Both points above the square —

Friendship and Morality share

With Brotherly Love, tenets taught where

Masons kneel, and vow, and swear.

— Odillon B Slane, 1917

Hermetic Library Arts and Letters Slane the Square and Compass Architecture Holding a Compass and Square Foppa NGA
Architecture Holding a Compass and Square [reverse] by Caradosso Foppa, c. 1506, around top circumference: Fidelitas Labor, National Gallery of Art

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