Thorns Mag, Issue 01 – Alchemy – Summer ’24, on pre-order

Hermetic Library Omnium Thorns Mag Issue 01 Alchemy

“Pre-order the very first edition of the first issue of Thorns Magazine, Alchemy. A highly curated collection of original poetry, photography, collage, essays, and more, this magazine is a true piece of art itself! Each page of Alchemy is meticulously arranged to inspire and provoke thought, blending the raw beauty of creative expression with design & stunning print quality.

The 6×9 magazine is printed on high quality paper & is perfectly bound.

Contributing Artists:

Gabriela Herstik
Miranda Sharp
Jayna Finucane
Kate Belew
Leah Moth
Julia Popescu a.k.a. Snakes For Hair
Christina Giddens-Garcia
Becca Malkin
Miranda Feneberger
Claire Parker
Amalia Rompoulias
Maggie Tseng
Carlos Ulloa
(and more!)

Join us & be part of the Thorns coven & community <3″

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