hearing a new, old sound now . a metal shrieky bird voice, caw caw caw. the bird beaks have found my brain’s hiding spot. lit? no ! my bones are green jello and i can see them.4

i’d get in the water but there are white water moths hiding in the shards of ice floating on the surface, and they are reading my minds. they’re shit really, with their long moth fingers , they’re realy shit. the green inner rubber of my arm bone gets more bendy now that i’m “future o’clock” , so and such, at such an advanced age

ehehehe , ohoho , huhuhuhu

lets get down to the brass tax . *claps hands once* there is whisky in the jar o. So i pretend i know santa but the guy is not convinced , i have to start mailing him vinegar, vinegar, vinegar again and again with 1 envelope. Now my calf is butter and my buttercalf is half n half

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