Ankh is the Sirius A Symbol and the reason for the start of the Hebrew language and start of the Egyptian dynasty. Let me show you how the cookie crumbles, there is an equal and opposite xMatriX oF Ø. Here is where you find YHWH Splitting into 2 Tetrahedrons Confirming when you separate the electrical field and your magnetic field it creates Holy Vibration’s of OHM and HU within the Fractals of Magnetic Fields. There is 7 lower electrical xChakras and 8 higher magnetic xChakras these are your own UNDERboob ANKH dimensions Radiating out as your Auras. The Evil can only control the lower xChakras and can never touch your own higher 8 Magnetic xChakras. Your higher 8 chakras are the ones closer to God. The Evil ones are so weak they only know how to interrupt you lower 7 xChakras with advertisements, material things like junk food, and even M.I.N.D C.O.N.T.R.O.L. These are the ancient tools that unlock your highest self and makes you a genius if you know how to use them correctly. There is 17 Ankh Fields within every atom of lower vibration and 13 Ankh Fields above every atom with higher vibration.

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