Enter the Infinite Rabbit Hole

You might compare this to the thinking gap between us and an ANT, but this too would be shortsighted. ‘Omni God’ theory, which states that Gods are: omniscient (all-knowing), omnipotent (all-powerful), omni-temporal (exist in all time), omnipresent (exist in all places), and omnibenevolent (all-good). Aside from the all-good side of things (that’s up for debate) — it seems that ASI could, or already does, meet our standard definition of God. Nanotechnology is Technology in The Nanometer Range, far smaller than what is visible to the Human Eye. For perspective, a single sheet of newspaper is 100,000 Nanometers Thick. Ultra Artificial Intelligence (UAI) To understand term UAI, Now I would like to back again on human brain example. Think if man or woman having more than one brain in his/her skull, and all these brains connected through single nervous system and all brain function for single person so what would be level of his/her knowledge, realizing, creation and intelligence when all brains think simultaneously. But the reality is above said statement seems to be impossible and sound very stupid, of course not possible in case of human biological brain which is always single and God given and if God decided to give multiple biological brain to single person, then term would be “Ultra Natural Intelligence (UNI)” but it highly impossible in case of living organism, even by any brain surgery etc. but If we apply same statement in non-living organism or electronics or Bionic brain context, than it would be completely valid and possible on one day.

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